High Fidelity spins geometry and texture into a range of sophisticated, sustainable and high-performance fabrics. A collaboration between Pallas® Textiles and designer Kristin Fraidenburgh inspired by the patterns of sound, High Fidelity marches to a sustainable beat, even riffing off the traditional melody by combining the rapidly renewable benefits of bamboo with recycled polyester. Its four patterns and uplifting color palette are ideal from corporate and hospitality to healthcare and education spaces.

“Music has always been an inspiration to me, and it’s the inspiration behind the creation of High Fidelity,” said Fraidenburgh. “The collection is in perfect harmony with Pallas’ sustainable, high-performance textiles. As each of the patterns weave through the loom, they reveal their own song or rhythm. Best of all, the collection conserves more natural resources because it’s made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials.”