Common Ground is the first collection from award-winning designer Lucy Aiken-Johnson. Pallas Textiles will display Common Ground in the showroom it shares with KI, Ste. 1181, at the 2007 NeoCon® World’s Trade Fair. Aiken-Johnson developed the collection with three consistent design qualities in mind - emotional response, richness of materials and timeless design of patterns.

“When creating Common Ground, I was inspired by work in the healthcare market that has been influenced by spa treatment facilities, and hospitality and residential design projects,” said Aiken-Johnson. “I focused on the needs of that market – the way the upholstery textiles are used, the performance requirements, the importance of creating a ‘family of colors’ across the collection that complements upholstery applications, and our industry’s collective desire to have more sustainable products.”

The five patterns that make up the Common Ground collection can be used independently or in combination to achieve beautiful results. Common Ground offers patterns and colors that complement existing finishing standards, giving designers additional options for aesthetics and performance. Common Ground also creates a tie back to earth with each pattern named after one of Mother Nature’s creatures and contains environmentally friendly aspects.

Holy Cow and Holy Cow Too

This faux leather replaces poly vinyl chloride (PVC), a known carcinogen, with a more eco-friendly polyurethane.