Be it Picasso or Descartes, Euclid or DaVinci, the artist and the scientist both depend upon basic geometric principles to define space. From a single point in space to the multiple lines of a grid or the curve on a graph, the foundation of creativity starts with these basic elements. From painters to physicists, blank canvases are filled with points, lines, grids and curves. Each pattern of the Back to Basics™ Collection highlights one of these elements, celebrating its essence and reminding us that beginnings are beautiful things.


Its layered pattern moves the eye along a gentle rhythm of curves and swells that mimic ripples from a pebble tossed in the water.


Designing a woven fabric is impossible without drafting on graph paper. This grid weave pays homage to the basis of all woven structures.


Grid leverages layers and a multi-dimensional design to create a look as modern as the steel underpinnings of a skyscraper.


Lush boucle mimics the linear wales of corduroy, while an added layer of smooth, irregularly spaced lines breaks the simple horizontal.


Point is a confluence of dots, changing color based on where it is in depth and distance, creating an effect like sequins reflecting light.