Storytelling is a powerful tool that can take you on a journey and foster an emotional connection, triggering the imagination and tapping into your own creativity. The Alinea Collection draws from the Arts, which are all creative forms of storytelling, and uses them as a vector of inspiration, weaving beautiful narratives through visual communication. As you immerse yourself in the collection, a tale of linear design details unfolds—storylines of the journey we continue to travel.

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Storytelling can be emotionally compelling, especially literary devices that convey a deeper meaning that goes beyond the page. Allusion softens the stark geometry of the circle motif, toying with layering and transparency while playing with color in alluring and unexpected ways.


We tend to think of lore as something centuries-old, which makes Lore a perfect representation of its namesake with a contemporary twist. Indeed, Lore is a nod to traditional heathered tweeds in an array of colors. An upholstery as well as a panel, the versatility of Lore will help fashion spaces that tell visual stories and set the stage for the next chapter.


Arranged in a metrical rhythm, the cotton-like loopy bouclé yarn of Verse yields a richly dimensional surface that visually versifies weaving and provides a unique tactile experience. Offered in sophisticated, attention-grabbing colors, Verse engages creativity in the same way emotion can convey a message more effectively than facts and figures.


Simile is used as a literary device to assert similarity between two dissimilar concepts. In a nod to its eponym, Simile is a distinct coated textile that mimics a woven cloth through contrasting layers of color and sheen. Simile creatively denotes dimension and materiality on an otherwise flat surface.


Metaphors convey vivid imagery that transcend literal meaning, using language that activates the imagination, sparking intrinsic emotion. A coated fabric infused with the look of natural fibers, Metaphor features a classic crosshatch tabby design that serves as a visual metaphor of a woven staple.


A poetic device, vignettes step away from the action momentarily to shed light on something not quite apparent. Like a brief evocative account, Vignette expresses the characteristics of a broken stripe and is infused with marled details. Vignette features surprising color combinations that evoke emotion through tactility and timelessness.