This or That: Lighting Schemes and Elements of Nature

Blog • February 23, 2021

It’s easy to feel inspired by the multitude of interior design options out there. But it can be overwhelming, too. At Pallas, we find it helpful to explore which design features, from colors and textures to furniture and lighting, best lend themselves to a given function or aesthetic.

Below, we share the first in a series of blog posts where we’ll compare and contrast design elements to help you find the right solution for your space.

Lighting That’s Inviting

Lighting has a dramatic impact on the aesthetic of an interior. Bold lighting elevates a space with an avant-garde touch. Diffused, soft lighting, by contrast, can foster a warm, cozy environment.

Acoustic lighting includes fabric panels or fixtures crafted from sound-absorbing materials, like wool and felt. There are options for any vision, from tapered shades and chandeliers to sconces with fabric covers. For a more modern or futuristic vibe, light channels are a great way to draw a visitor’s eye across an interior while highlighting architectural details. Consider running them along a staircase or the arch of a doorway to add visual interest.


Acoustic lighting is a great option for spaces with high levels of foot traffic and conversation, including lobbies, cafés, large conference rooms, open offices and classrooms. Light channels work well in rooms with shelves or cubbies, smaller spaces where floor lamps take up valuable square footage or rooms that benefit from minimal lighting, like lounges or computer labs.

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A Touch of Nature

No matter how overt or subtle, design features that remind us of nature’s beauty infuse a space with warmth and serenity.

Indoor Greenery vs. Reclaimed Wood

From potted plants to succulent walls, indoor greenery reduces stress levels and improves emotional well-being, productivity and even job satisfaction. But green isn’t the only color that evokes nature. Reclaimed wood that’s been repurposed from old barns, boxcars or other structures -- offers a versatile aesthetic. Warm tones, like walnut or maple, create a rustic or quaint atmosphere and high-polish woods or cooler tones, like slate or ash brown, create a modern vibe.


Biophilic elements liven up individual workstations, lounge spaces and conference rooms, whereas greenery can make a statement in a lobby, lecture hall or classroom. Warmer reclaimed wood lends itself to gathering spaces, like lounges, cafés and classrooms, while reclaimed wood tables can add a natural touch to sleek conference rooms or workspaces.


Develop Your Design Strategy

Interior design can be like a puzzle. It’s all about fitting the right pieces together. Approaching your next project with a game plan can make the path to the perfect interior a little easier.


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