Simplifying Your Search for Textiles: Pallas Color Wheel and Web Features

Blog • November 12, 2021

Color is one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing textiles for any space. Finding just the right shade can take time, especially if you need certain performance criteria. We recently made some improvements to to help you find what you need with more efficiency and simplicity.

The site now features an enhanced color wheel for an immersive visual experience based on the essentials of color theory. You can intuitively and quickly locate your desired color for efficient design specification.

We’ve also expanded the depth and scope of search options -- creating a streamlined process for making precise textile selections by color, type and performance.

An Intuitive Way to View Color

Compare the color of the sky on a sunny day to the ocean during a storm and it’s easy to see -- “blue” encompasses an incredible variety of different hues. The same holds true for the rest of the color spectrum.

Our new color wheel features 16 color groups you can use to filter upholstery, panel fabrics and cubicle curtains. Twelve groups are on the traditional color wheel, and four neutral groups are organized by shades and undertones. It also includes visual cues that allow you to navigate the color spectrum organically. For instance, the color wheel features a range of hues within each color family, like red-violet and blue-violet, instead of merely violet and blue as singular hues.


Designers can select multiple color groups at once to cover a range or compare those under consideration for a given space.

New Ways to Refine

We’ve also introduced new capabilities to our “browse and search” feature to help designers find the right type and quality of materials for their projects. New fields enhance the search process for each of our categories: content, cleaning, sustainability and finish.

These new features are inclusive so designers can browse colors or patterns and material qualities simultaneously. Whether you’re looking for a turquoise, bleach-cleanable textile made from recyclable materials or to peruse non-woven fabrics in several colors, our browse feature is the perfect place to start.


Keeping Essential Features

Our website continues to offer familiar search features, like the ability to toggle between results organized by colors or patterns. You can view search results in a list or grid, depending on your personal preference. 

You can also favorite a swatch to refer back to it, add a sample to your cart, download a virtual swatch or copy the link to share with your client or colleague.

Once selections are finalized, you can export search results as a PDF with small swatch images or as a text-only CSV, which can be edited in Excel. Both options display the filters used to create those search results just in case adjustments need to be made.


Always Improving

At Pallas, we strive to make the design process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. We’re continuing to work on website changes that will enhance the Pallas digital experience.

We value your input, so feel free to contact our team to share your feedback any time! For a personalized tour of our new web features, reach out to your dedicated Pallas representative.


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