Pantone's Colors of the Year in Textiles

Blog • April 13, 2021

Pantone's Color of the Year often reflects its time. In 2020, it was Classic Blue -- a grounding, tranquil color that served as a haven during a chaotic year.

This year, one color was not enough. Pantone announced in December that Ultimate Gray and Illuminating would be the 2021 Colors of the Year.

Ultimate Gray -- a cool, ashy tone -- and Illuminating -- a vibrant, warm, lemony yellow -- may seem to radiate opposing energies. Ultimate Gray's practicality and solidity stand in perfect contrast to Illuminating's lightness and positivity. But the two tones complement each other perfectly.

Ultimate Gray is rock-solid -- the quintessential symbol of sturdiness and dependability. Illuminating offers hope that there are better days ahead. Together, the two colors provide solid ground to stand on and a rejuvenating sparkle to face tomorrow with optimism.


At Pallas, we aim to create textiles that are both timeless and au courant. Our portfolio contains a wealth of classic grays and pleasant yellows in an array of textures perfect for today.

BURNISH - TRANQUIL_300x300px.jpg

Set the Tone

As a foundational color in an interior space, gray instantly relates a sophisticated and subdued look. But gray can also make a statement. Apply Pallas's subtly metallic Burnish in Tranquil to a sofa or lounge chair for a classic addition to any space.

GLITZ - LOOKBOOK LEMON_300x300px.jpg

Be Bold

Yellow underscores our universal human need to be acknowledged. For a bright statement that attracts the eye, Pallas's Glitz in Lookbook Lemon can be perfect for an accent cushion or chair to bring spunk and brightness to a space.

NOMAD - FREE THINKER_300x300px.jpg

Mix and Match

Yellows and grays can be paired on different pieces in an interior space -- or even in the same textile. Pallas's Nomad in Free Thinker offers an adventurous and geometric pattern that encapsulates the cool and calming energy of gray with the playfulness and excitement of yellow.


In 2020, we learned that we could overcome adversity. And we've held onto hope that this year will be better than the last. Pantone's Colors of the Year reflect those two feelings -- and provide a fitting frame for 2021.

Do you have plans for Ultimate Gray and Illuminating in your projects this year? Share your mood boards and design inspo on Instagram and tag @pallastextiles to give us a glimpse inside your design journey.




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