How to Visualize Your Next Project

Blog • December 14, 2020

Bringing an idea to life takes careful attention to detail. Nowhere is that more true than in the interior design community. From bold patterns, rich textures and eye-catching accent colors, each textile and element in a space needs to blend seamlessly.

With an infinite number of pattern, color and texture combinations to choose from, it can be challenging to visualize how different textiles will look and feel within environments. Pallas offers a fabric preview tool to help you create your next project with ease.

What Is the Fabric Preview Tool?

The fabric preview tool is a helpful way to visualize Pallas textiles to scale and to recognize nuances in color. To find the tool, just head over to any fabric detail page on the Pallas website.

Preview Tool_650px.png

The tool offers a variety of seating options to help assess how a pattern will look in scale and form.


The same pattern can look very different when specified on a large-scale fully upholstered lounge chair compared to a guest chair. The tool puts context to a pattern’s visual impact.

Panel Fabrics

Panel systems and architectural walls command a presence within space. It's important when specifying textiles for vertical applications to visualize the impact of pattern color, scale and texture. Each can greatly impact the aestethic of an environment.

Preview Tool_Panel Fabric_650px.png

Privacy Curtains

Privacy curtains are a great way to add ambience to a space in healthcare environments. The fabric preview tool helps you visualize what a curtain looks like.

Preview Tool_Privacy1_300x265.png    Preview Tool_Privacy2_300x265.png

Explore Every Option

The fabric preview tool makes it simple for you to toggle between different pieces of furniture and a variety of color swatches for each pattern. Once you've finalized your creation you have the option to share it with others or download it for reference.

Previews may be downloaded as a JPG or PNG. From there, send the preview via email, post it to a mood board on Pinterest for your latest project or share it via Facebook and Twitter.

Our fabric preview tool enables designers to take the guesswork out of bringing a space to life through timeless textiles.



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