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Blog • May 31, 2023

Sophisticated. Timeless. Approachable. Discover the foundation story of Lingo in an exclusive look behind the design of this storied textile collection. 

What defines the lingo of a group or a culture? Oftentimes, the lingo of that community is predicated on how that group or culture communicates or speaks to each other.

Originally derived from a Latin word meaning tongue, lingo habitually includes a specific dialect or jargon known to that specific group or culture. They communicate with words that mean something unique to them. Words that give meaning to what they do in a way that perhaps no one else would quite understand unless you’re a part of that community.

Much in the same way, the interior design community has a lingo centered around inspired spaces. The way in which designers advance their spaces and visualize their designs is unique to them but generally understood by that community.

Our new Lingo Collection takes this approach to heart. With designs that appeal to everyone, we sought to redefine the boundaries of creativity with textiles that are entirely unique while eliciting a familiar feel. It’s a lingo you know—one that is unique and inherent to the design industry—yet is universally understood and appeals to all.

Dive deeper into our design thinking for Lingo in the insights that follow.

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Stories Familiar Yet Untold

With its unassuming timelessness, the new Lingo Collection embodies the essence of the Pallas brand. It speaks the lingo of universal design by weaving a story of elegance and versatility through means of color and texture.

Designed by Géraldine Blanchot Fortier, this collection fortifies our brand identity as a master storyteller while supporting interior designers in sharing their own stories through distinctive patterns and differentiating designs.

The six patterns of Lingo offer perspectives into a community shaped by a lingo that provides depth and meaning in design as a form of communication. Purposefully created, each pattern defies the expectations of traditional contract fabrics with a keen focus on finely crafted textiles and individual color stories that evoke emotion and add depth to any space.

This collection, like others in the Pallas repertoire, offers a sensory-rich experience. Tactile facets welcome guests throughout a space while encouraging touch with the stylish integration of plush chenille, dimensional matelassé, and textured bouclé.

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Intricate weaves and textures

Each fabric in the collection is a functional work of art, with its own visual and tactile lingo. They were all created with intent and purpose, and designers will find there are intentionally timeless and quintessentially sophisticated options for every environment.

Iota is a plush textile with a sculpted undertone, featuring a delicate stitch woven with a slub yarn to intensify its dimensionality. The contrasting color of the top stitch highlights the depth of the texture and creates a unique visual element.

Conversely, Ample integrates a contrasting woven slub yarn on a stylish heathered ground. Designers love the duality of Iota and Ample together in one application.

Sisal adds foundation to any space by using fibers woven into a natural-looking textile reminiscent of sophisticated menswear.

Shear brings the luxurious look and feel of a wool bouclé to any space. Designers love the soft dimensionality of the fabric and the feeling it evokes in an environment.  

Pivot and Mode were inspired by the constant fluidity of today’s world. Through the overlapping geometric shadows and shapes, we recognize the similarity of today’s spaces – the overlapping of home and office; of hybrid, agile environments that exist to meet the needs of many people and connections.

Each fabric in this collection is bleach cleanable. Sisal, Shear, and Iota are HHI compliant to further support the goals of sensitive environments. Pivot was developed using recycled nylon – making it certifiably sustainable, naturally resilient, and perfect for the eco-friendly specifier. 

Timeless, Sophisticated Textiles

The iconic construction of our Lingo Collection speaks directly to the relationship between form and function while synchronously blurring the line between residential and commercial spaces.

Sophisticated and relatable, Lingo tells a story about elegant materiality through color and texture with undiscovered potential in your spaces. While this new collection speaks directly to Pallas and who we are as a brand, these six storied patterns will also support the eternal endeavor of shaping your own design story.

Learn More About Lingo

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Experience the Lingo Collection and immerse yourself in the endless possibilities of textile design in showroom 1181 at The Mart during NeoCon 2023. Learn more.

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