Behind the Design of Savoir Faire

Blog • August 31, 2023

Masterful. Material. Mindful. Experience the artisanal harmony between material and craft as we explore the inspiration behind our Savoir Faire collection.


With experience and a keen level of expertise comes respect and know-how. For Pallas Textiles, our know-how is centered around the ability to construct sophisticated, well-crafted textiles with a respect for elegant design.

Our Savoir Faire collection is a study in that advanced demonstration of craftsmanship – a language of patience, persistence, and subtle details.

In developing this collection of bold patterns and refined textures, we share our "know-how" which is translated from the phrase "savoir-faire" in French. Our Savoir Faire demonstrates an intimate familiarity with fabric constructions and techniques that define these six patterns in ways unknown and unexpected within textile design.

Take a step behind the scenes with us as we reveal the intricate process of crafting the design of the Savoir Faire collection.

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Artful Fabric Construction

Through the work of designer Géraldine Blanchot Fortier, founder of Limn & Loom, we explore the unlimited potential of materials in the six designs of Savoir Faire and embrace the creative process from start to finish.

Geraldine spent a significant portion of her career working in textile development. Through collaboration with our team, she had the precise skills, knowledge, and experience needed to expertly source materials and techniques to give this collection a certain "je ne sais quoi" that makes it truly unique.

The final designs of Savoir Faire feature textiles infused with details that both challenge and embrace today’s manufacturing processes.


A Textile Trifecta

Savoir Faire is defined by six patterns – three of which feature bold geometries and three which feature dimensionally rich textures.

The bold geometrics of Arch, Tilt, and Bend exemplify how fabric composition, the utilization of tools and techniques, and our unique collaboration with mills can distinctively define textiles.

Each pattern uses the same geometric artwork as a foundation for its design. However, they are uniquely different by the intricacies woven into the construction of each upholstery, resulting in finished fabrics that are markedly distinct yet equally sophisticated.


Arch is the largest scale use of the artwork. While sizable, the pattern is quiet and also tactile and dimensional in a way that uniquely contrasts the other fabrics in the trio. Our approach to color in this pattern was intentionally tonal. The fabric reads like a solid from afar. It combines a plush experience with fierce functionality and continues the trend of blurring lines between commercial and residential aesthetics.


Tilt, in contrast, presented an opportunity to showcase the boldness of more playful, saturated hues. The geometric artwork is the same, but the lines in the pattern are more refined, providing more ground and opportunity to infuse a deliberate slub detail.


Bend is the smallest in scale of the patterns and uses digital print technologies to dramatize the sophisticated and elegant color palette. As a non-woven textile, Bend features digital detail that offers an experience reminiscent of its woven counterparts and allows specifiers the ability to inject pattern, color, levity, and poise throughout a space.



Emanating Expert Craftsmanship

Outside the trifecta of bold patterns, we crafted three dimensionally rich patterns that deepen the sophistication and tactile elements of our Savoir Faire collection.

Craft radiates artistry. It captures the sophistication and timelessness of our brand and brings an elevated level of craftsmanship and materiality to a classic aesthetic.

This multifunctional woven textile is suitable for upholstery and vertical applications alike. It seamlessly captures the craftsmanship that comes from years of experience and expertise and epitomizes what elegant approachability means in high-performance fabrics.


Purl was developed as a direct response to the need for exaggerated comfort and texture. It appears like the knit structure of a purl sweater and elicits a sense of relaxation and calm, reminding us of the safety and solace of our own personal spaces.


Finally, we feature Fresh. What other patterns in this collection accomplish through complex construction and sophisticated details, Fresh accomplishes through simplicity.

The new design for this sumptuous non-woven textile features a classic leather grain texture in an array of forward-looking, contemporary hues. It offers the perfect accompaniment to the more detailed fabrics of our Savoir Faire collection and provides another timeless foundational staple in our repertoire.



Intentionality Driven by Know-How

Rooted in the French meaning of the words, Savoir Faire truly exemplifies the intentional artisanship behind our brand at Pallas Textiles. An exercise in expertise and craftsmanship, Savoir Faire presents an opportunity for us to engage with the interior design community and uniquely support contemporary spaces. 


Infusing experience and familiarity with innovative textile construction methods and techniques defined the evolution of this collection. Savoir Faire is a fresh story that enhances our portfolio in a way that diversifies our offering while giving interior designers the tools they need to tell their stories.

As design leaders and storytellers, we continually listen to the desires of our audience and use our experience and know-how to construct collections like Savoir Faire that are designed to not only elevate a space but also elicit sophistication, timelessness, and beauty.

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