Laura Guido-Clark is an expert in the “skin” of consumer products – their color, materials, and finish. This is perhaps the area of industrial and textile design that requires the greatest understanding of the human heart. Guido-Clark has spent her life studying the always new and always surprising ways human beings react to the look and feel of any given product.

Throughout her twenty-plus year career, Ms. Guido-Clark has analyzed the conscious and unconscious influences that drive buying decisions. Her ability to translate those influences into prescient forecasting and ultimately, into concrete terms of color and finish has helped companies such as Samsung, Apple, Mattel, and Toyota design products that resonate with consumers and succeed in competitive markets.

Importantly, Ms. Guido-Clark is the rare color and finish consultant whose expertise includes not just textiles but heavy manufacturing industries such as automotive, electronics, and major household appliances. This experience has given her vast knowledge of the raw materials and processes used in product categories across the board.
Laura Guido-Clark
Laura Guido-Clark
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