Tracey Reinberg’s design inspirations come from the world around her, an energetic mix of everything from mathematics to Bauhaus architecture, Japanese Kimonos to the music of Thelonius Monk and Nina Rota’s soundtracks for Fellini. Her work is playful and vaguely retro, testing the boundaries between reverent order and cheerful anarchy. Simple geometric patterns teeter between stillness and movement; color and light combine to create the illusion of motion.

Trained in Italy, at Rome’s L’Istituto Europeo di Design, Reinberg began her career in photography, experimenting with reflection and transparency and formal aspects of the medium. She worked as a fine arts photographer for many years, showed her work in galleries, and took commissions shooting book covers for major publishing companies such as Little, Brown and Viking. She then began exploring a variety of other designing opportunities and ventured a first foray towards interiors with a now infamous installation of shirred tulle for the Tribeca restaurant Zut!

Eventually, Reinberg brought to fabric her lively graphic sense, and began working with the fashion world, where her clients included Calvin Klein and Diane Von Furstenberg. By 1999 she had moved again towards the world of interiors and was designing popular fabrics for some of the world’s foremost textile companies, and mills in both the US and Europe.

She has won a Silver Award at NEOCON for her work for Atlas Carpets and her unique aesthetic is finding a large audience--commercially successful designs that combine the mathematical grace of modernism with an amiable, lighthearted simplicity.
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