Release Date: July 26, 2016

Worldly Views

In ancient times, the Silk Road connected the Mediterranean with the Far East. This winding route was integral to sharing cultures, philosophies and hand-made goods – especially textiles. The Trade Route Collection re-interprets cultural influences into upholsteries that look at home anywhere in the world.

Each pattern is inspired by a geographic region and what it’s known for – the intricate embroidery detail and vibrant colors of Morocco … the hand-dyed effects of Japanese Shibori … the look and feel of Ireland’s Donegal tweed. The Trade Route Collection is worldly yet relatable. Take the road less traveled.

The Trade Route Collection takes classic patterns such as stripes, tweeds, herringbones and geometrics in new directions – blending natural yarns … adding sheen … playing with scale … and exploring color.


Influenced by Moroccan textiles, which show a preference for abstraction and repetition, Marrakesh Express uses a blend of natural yarns to breathe new life and dimension into this classic geometric pattern. The natural yarns provide a higher level of hand, while varying thread sizes mimic the visual intricacies of embroidery also found in this North Africa region. The vibrant colorways immediately bring to mind the lively Marrakesh souks (markets). Available in 12 colorways. 


Shibori is all about detail – the choice of a tying thread, how tightly it’s wound and how the cloth is folded. Suji Stripe is an abstract interpretation of this Japanese art form. A blend of natural yarns is woven together with a tightly twisted iridescent thread to give Suji Stripe a layered, organic look similar to boshi shibori patterns. The color combinations can push the appearance from tonal to graphic. Available in 12 colorways.


Since ancient times, the cultivation of mulberry silk and its weaving has been carried out by the tribal people of West Bengal. This pattern is a silky stripe reminiscent of the linear patterns woven on Indian looms. The rayon is woven in a way to lift it from the field yarns, providing a dimensional, serrated look. The sheen provides the look and feel of raw silk. Saturated colors lend a sense of movement to West Bengal. Available in 13 colorways.


Spinning and weaving are indigenous to the Mapuche people of South America. Drawing inspiration from their complex techniques and designs, Patagonia takes the classic herringbone to a new level. This mid-scale pattern uses yarns of varying thickness to create a layered look and homespun feel. Patagonia’s surprising color combinations and sheer scale make it versatile enough to use on any size product from an upholstered seat cushion to an entire sofa. Available in 14 colorways.


Ireland is renowned for tweeds ranging from herringbone to checks. But it’s perhaps best known for using plain-weave cloth of differently colored warp and weft flecked with various colors at irregular intervals to create the heathered look. Donegal Plain gives the classic Irish tweed a new twist by interlacing fine and heavy yarns for a mottled effect. A contrasting yarn provides a subtle yet fresh element to the tonal colors. Available in 18 colorways.


Tatami explores the geometric subtleties of Asian architectural elements from traditional tatami matted floors to shoji partitions. This pattern of segmented linear elements uses a faux silk yarn to add sheen. The iridescence gives this rectangular pattern a friendly vibe. Available in 15 colorways.

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