Release Date: July 21, 2015

Designed by Pattern Pod

Over time, the process of topstitching was used to tailor, patch, mend and reinforce fabric. This process fostered the development of sewing and stitching techniques to create decorative possibilities that led to the arts of embroidery and textile design. Today, topstitching is still used for both practical and decorative purposes.

The Topstitch Collection delves into the intricacies of embroidery techniques and interprets them into high-performance textiles. These traditionally decorative and elaborate elements are juxtaposed with simple motifs that are the basic building blocks of design composition: squares, lines and circles.

Deflect is created through a non-woven design that uses a stitch motif to mimic a woven textile technique. This simple yet serene design reflects a more dimensional and relatable fabric by creating the notions of comfort, warmth and tactility.

Deflect is available in 18 colorways: Linen, Muslin, Flax, Burlap, Henna, Batik, Cotton, Cashmere, Felt, Carbon, Ikat, Marine, Shibori, Mineral, Bamboo, Raffia, Ember and Crimson.

Through the process of piecing and overlaying, the stitches suggest organizing visual information through connection and separation. Hitch is composed of slim lines and bold squares to lead the eye from one design element to the next, creating a methodical network.

Hitch is available in 12 colorways: Canvas, Zest, Topaz, Madder, Perse, Celadon, Spruce, Indigo, Granite, Sepia, Slate and Obsidian.

Round is inspired by the circle motif; attention-seeking and recurrent in Art and Design. Embroidery techniques continue to be interpreted by connecting the elements through stitch effects to play up the pattern’s gregarious nature. The lightheartedness of its interactivity and breadth of saturated multi-color options makes Round ideal for creative, dynamic and collaborative spaces.

Round is available in 11 colorways: Ivory, Lemon, Ginger, Cadmium, Grape, Lime, Azure, Cobalt, Walnut, Silver and Charcoal.

Surface explores a traditional textile aesthetic that has had a huge influence on fabric design to date, while adding a modern flare. The randomness of the twisted yarn suggests a vintage tweed-like look whereas the color line completely separates it from its classic doppelganger with a selection of sophisticated and luxurious hues.

Surface is available in 19 colorways: Ash, Twine, Tea, Olive, Russet, Amaranth, Spice, Sprig, Briar, Mist, Rain, Denim, River, Timber, Root, Cocoa, Flint, Bark and Coppice.

The Topstitch Collection stitches form and function together to create strong, durable fabrics.

Deflect polyurethane face is 100% biodegradable. Hitch and Round are constructed of 100% recycled solution-dyed nylon. Surface includes 10% post-consumer recycled polyester.

Surface offers Crypton¨, a specially engineered fabric system with an integrated moisture barrier that is stain-, moisture-, mildew-, bacteria- and odor-resistant. All Crypton fabrics use Silver Ion Technology to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of medically relevant microorganisms.

Hitch and Round offer Greenshield, an environmentally safe high-performance nano-technology that builds permanent spill and stain resistance into the fiber structure of the fabric, while preserving the hand of the fabric.

Deflect, Hitch, Round and Surface are bleach cleanable (CDC-approved 10:1 water/bleach mix). Rinse the surface with clear water after cleaning and wipe dry.

Deflect offers Cleangene, a ground-breaking coated fabric technology featuring an advanced polymer system that offers the highest level of stain resistance, abrasion resistance and cleanability. This proprietary non-toxic and earth-friendly technology is inherent in the material makeup, so it will not dissipate or weaken over time. Cleangene allows the use of undiluted Isopropyl Alcohol or high concentrations of Bleach as well as a variety of commonly used commercial cleaners, thus prolonging the aesthetic beauty and performance of the upholstery.

Deflect polyurethane contains Silver ion antimicrobial properties that inhibit bacteria growth.

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