Release Date: March 25, 2014

Whether looking out the window of an airplane or across the horizon from the top of a skyscraper, the perspective changes our frame of mind. The From Above Collection challenges us to view our surroundings differently.

From Above showcases patterns that are multicolored and subtly textural, while creating surface interest using bright, crisp color.

Pallas invites you to take an adventure, change your perspective, find a new outlook...From Above

Picture yourself on the balcony of a high-rise, overlooking a metropolis. A peek over the edge shows a sea of rooftops Ð flat and pitched, shingled and thatched. Rooftops is boldly colorful with pops of fun weave structures, bringing out its playful attributes.

Rooftops is available in 12 colors: Linen, Semolina, Nectar, Tomato, Blackberry, Jalapeno, Harbor, Ice Cap, Deep Ocean, Bittersweet, Fedora and Coal.

Representing the grid structure of urban areas where streets run parallel and perpendicular, this pattern provides a sense of order in the midst of chaotic city life. Hints of accent colors add character and dimension to Urbanized.

Urbanized is available in 16 colors: Linen, Semolina, Nectar, Cranberry, Blackberry, Haze, Springtime, Jalapeno, Forest, Tidepool, Harbor, Tranquil, Bittersweet, Fedora, Whisker and Coal.

The Burbs
Brightly colored houses, blooming gardens and manicured lawns dot suburban neighborhoods. The Burbs, made of multicolored circles, is subtle from a distance and grows more detailed as you get closer - just as if you were about to come in for a landing.

The Burbs is available in 15 colors: Snowshoe, Semolina, Nectar, Cranberry, Admiral, Blackberry, Springtime, Jalapeno, Tranquil, Harbor, Majestic, Bittersweet, Fedora, Whisker and Coal.

Highway Patrol
Stretching for miles, ribbons of highways link small towns to big cities with no end in sight. The implied pinstripes of Highway Patrol boast bold color and sophistication.

Highway Patrol is available in 12 colors: Snowshoe, Semolina, Honey, Lollipop, Blackberry, Springtime, Tranquil, Marina, Majestic, Jalapeno, Bittersweet and Coal.

Pallas Textiles offers a fresh perspective on sustainable, high-performance upholsteries.

Urbanized offers Crypton, a specially engineered fabric system with an integrated moisture barrier that is stain-, moisture-, mildew-, bacteria- and odor-resistant. All Crypton fabrics use Silver Ion Technology to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of medically relevant microorganisms.

INCASEª fabric protection lasts the life of the product, giving fabrics superior cleanability - perfect for resisting spills, stains, odors and microbes for applications that do not require a moisture barrier. The combination of INCASE’s chemistry and revolutionary molecular bond strength make it the greenest stain-resistant formula in the world with no detectable PFOA or PFOS and no harmful emissions.

Rooftops is bleach cleanable (CDC-approved 10:1 water/bleach mix). Rinse the surface with clear water after cleaning. Use of standard extraction equipment is recommended.

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