Release Date: January 14, 2014


Kriya was inspired by bamboo, long-known for its strength, healing properties and considered a source of luck. Kriya is also a yoga technique that connotes purification of the mind and body. Through its design elements, this pattern takes you to a place of peace, healing and rejuvenation – much like bamboo forests of Thailand. Kriya's sophisticated color palette is contemporary and uplifting yet conveys a sense of quietude.

Kriya is available in six soothing color combinations: Parchment, Rattan, Bonsai, Raindew, Brookside and Dewberry.

Shanti refers to a state of mental, physical and spiritual peace with the knowledge and understanding to keep oneself strong through tough times. This pattern, inspired by the beautiful skies of Thailand, conveys tranquility. A healing pattern in essence, the gradations in Shanti mimic the beautiful spectrum of colors in the sky – the sunrise, sunset, moonlit nights and stormy afternoons.

Shanti is available in eight brilliant, uplifting colorways: Dune, Woodcliff, Beachcomber, Soleil, Sandbar, Bamboo, Freshwater and Seafoam.

Sun Salutation

Based on the stunning horizons of Thailand, Sun Salutation captures the delicately beautiful striations of landscapes through color and texture. This striped pattern provides an array of sophisticated multi-color options. A nod to the sun and its ability to uplift one's spirit, Sun Salutation is a fresh take on a classic look that gracefully completes any healing space.

Sun Salutation is available in eight serene colors: Coconut, Jute, Safflower, Flourish, Aloe, Seaglass, Opaline and Clearwater.

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