Release Date: July 23, 2013

By Laura Guido Clark

Mass production has given rise to predictability and uniformity. Technology has made it possible to make things en masse perfectly, and therefore ubiquitous. At the heart of it, we are craving the unexpected, the twist or design that takes us on a new and sometimes circuitous path.

Adhering to the notion of not being set or guided in a particular direction, the patterns of the Drift Collection wander impulsively.  The apparent randomness of Field Play, Fracture, Off Track and Patina defy order and compliance.

Color is coolly defiant as well in the Drift Collection–complex neutral combinations mingle with a splash of color alongside unexpected combinations of brights.

Wander down a new path with the Drift Collection from Pallas Textiles.

Field Play

Scattered flowers splayed over a rigid grid makes Field Play the perfect intersection of geometry and organic pattern.

Field Play is available in 12 colors: Natural, Wheat, Papaya, Mango, Poppy, Berry, Citrine, Evergreen, Sea, Midnight, Espresso and Carbon.


Patina is a near solid with the appearance of a textured surface that has beautifully aged over time.

Patina is available in 15 colors: Pumice, Wheat, Papaya, Brick, Poppy, Orchid, Citrine, Evergreen, Celadon, Sea, Midnight, Cocoa, Espresso, Ice and Carbon.

Fracture mimics the fissures and cracks in ice with an overlay of octagonal color.  The structure of the smaller pattern creates a seemingly random overall larger pattern with the negative space.

Fracture is available in 12 colors: Pumice, Wheat, Papaya, Brick, Poppy, Berry, Citrine, Evergreen, Sea, Midnight, Cocoa and Carbon.

Sometimes life gets bumpy. Off Track follows the ups and downs with a hint of glimmer.

Off Track is available in 13 colors: Natural, Wheat, Papaya, Mango, Brick, Violet, Citrine, Avocado, Evergreen, Sea, Midnight, Espresso and Carbon.

Pallas Textiles never drifts far from providing sustainable, high-performance upholsteries.

Field Play contains 78% post-consumer recycled polyester. Fracture contains 76% post-consumer recycled polyester. Off Track contains 45% post-consumer recycled polyester. Patina is a Sunbrella® Contract Fabric and is recyclable as part of the Recycle My Sunbrella program.

Field Play, Fracture and Off Track offer Greenshield, an environmentally safe high-performance nanotechnology that builds permanent spill and stain resistance into the fiber structure of the fabric, while preserving the hand of the fabric.

Patina is a Sunbrella® Contract Fabric with Defiance®, an antimicrobial treatment comprised on a single component that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus and mildew, allowing the fabrics to be used in applications where normal fabrics will not perform. Sunbrella Contract Fabrics with Defiance passed the AATCC 100 Antibacterial and 30 Antifungal Part 3 tests and CAL 117-E (CS-191-53) Classification: 1 Normal Flammability. 

Field Play, Fracture and Patina are bleach cleanable (CDC-approved 10:1 water/bleach mix). Rinse the surface with clear water after cleaning. Use of standard extraction equipment is recommended.

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