Release Date: November 11, 2010

The Sari Collection
By Lori Weitzner

The Sari Collection is a contemporary interpretation of this centuries-old traditional dress of South Asia, which offers a veritable canvas for lush color, ornate pattern and sensuous texture. This diverse group of patterns is rich with material play and subtle coloring yet upholds performance standards. Sari lends a new perspective to the experience of this dress, inspiring holistic design with a unique creative expression.

Asha, which means hope in Hindi, is a plush chenille texture offered in a range of earthy yet vibrant hues. A hint of sparkle mirrors the metallic threads in a sari’s decorative border.

Asha is available in 16 colors: Almond, Latte, Walnut, Butternut Squash, Pumpkin, Cherry, Azalea, Boysenberry, Gecko, Basil, Cadet, Cobalt, Navy, Shale, Chestnut and Intaglio.

Named for the Sanskrit word for eternal, Amari’s rich, variegated surface is achieved through novelty yarns that capture the dimensional, hand-loomed feel of an antique sari. A carefully selected palette is engineered to form the wave-like movement of the ombre effect. 

Amari is available in 12 colors: Frost, Angora, Caramel, Dahlia, Clay, Geranium, Twilight, Spruce, Aloe, Marine, Silhouette and Clove.

Small-scale, multi-colored wheels drawn fromthe cotton saris of south India spin over the surface of Chakra. Each colorway offers a range of complementing and contrasting hues, making this pattern as versatile as it is durable. 

Chakra is available in 10 colors: Moonlight, Wheat, Silver, Persimmon, Claret, Royale, Midnight, Tiger Eye, Stone and Disc.

This striated plain honors its namesake, the Hindi word for painting, with a tonal pattern evocative of loose brushstrokes and sun-worn dyes. 

Chitra is available in 13 colors: Dove, Dune, Mango, Lava, Carmine, Currant, Frond, Verbena, Night Shade, Ash, Tawny, Carin and Chasm.

Fluid linework and delicate flourishes create the all-over filigree pattern of Bela, a modern rendition of traditional north Indian silk brocade. Rendered in a mix of rayon and post-consumer polyester, the motif’s sheen and understated color shifts subtly contrast with the matte ground.

Bela is available in 12 colors: Frost, Parchment, Maple, Marigold, Geranium, Aubergine, Laurel, Lemongrass, Lazulite, Shadow, Pewter and Umbra.

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