Release Date: June 22, 2010

The Artisan Collection

A bold brush stroke … a meticulously mitered geometric … a rich hand-woven texture. The Artisan Collection reflects the intricate work of hand-crafting techniques. Each of the five patterns evoke feelings of finely detailed craftsmanship through color, texture, variation and layering effects.

The Artisan Collection is a picture-perfect response to the design challenge of keeping things beautiful, yet simple. And, it meets all the performance and sustainability requirements expected in today’s projects. 

Composition appears as if brush strokes painted bold rings upon solid circles, creating drama through luminous color and scale. The weave effects provide transparency and a sensation of colors mixing together.

Composition is available in 12 colors: Pewter, Gold, Monarch, Ruby, Violet, Bamboo, Spruce, Mist, Sky, Granite, Chocolate and Charcoal. 

Structural and dimensional, Bevel is an energetic design of endless interlocking geometric shapes.

Bevel is available in 13 colors: Pewter, Ecru, Monarch, Paprika, Ruby, Plum, Sage, Gold, Sky Royal, Cocoa, Chocolate and Granite.

Inlay plays with layering and ombre effects. A raised network on the surface gives way to glimpses of jewel-like color.

Inlay is available in 14 colors: Pewter, Cocoa, Taupe, Monarch, Berry, Wine, Violet, Sage, Lime, Aqua, Navy, Chocolate, Charcoal and Onyx. 

The subtle, slightly irregular intersecting lines of Hand-woven mimic those of a hand-held loom. This pattern is plush yet durable.

Hand-woven is available in 14 colors: Ecru, Hay, Acorn, Ruby, Plum, Bamboo, Aqua, Mist, Royal, Ink, Cocoa, Taupe, Charcoal and Onyx.

Mixed media focuses on the use of materials and techniques. Spun uses various yarns to showcase a beautiful boucle yarn, while incorporating durability and cleanability into the pattern.

Spun is available in 17 colors: Ecru, Hay, Acorn, Monarch, Ruby, Berry, Violet, Citrine, Spruce, Royal, Ink, Taupe, Cocoa, Chocolate, Granite, Charcoal and Onyx.

The Artisan Collection is a collage of sustainable, high-performance textiles.

41% Post-consumer Recycled Polyester

91% Post-consumer Recycled Polyester

75% Post-consumer Recycled Polyester

Composition, Bevel and Inlay are all finished with GreenShield, an environmentally conscious process that is durable and sustainable.

100% Recyclable Solution-dyed Nylon

100% Solution-dyed Nylon and Polyester Blend

Hand-woven and Spun are treated with Nano-Tex® -- an enhancement process that resists spills. Both are bleach-cleanable fabrics, ideal for use in the healthcare industry.

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