March 26, 2010

High Fidelity spins geometry and texture into a range of sophisticated, sustainable and high-performance fabrics. A collaboration between Pallas® Textiles and designer Kristin Fraidenburgh inspired by the patterns of sound, High Fidelity marches to a sustainable beat, even riffing off the traditional melody by combining the rapidly renewable benefits of bamboo with recycled polyester. Its four patterns and uplifting color palette are ideal from corporate and hospitality to healthcare and education spaces.

“Music has always been an inspiration to me, and it’s the inspiration behind the creation of High Fidelity,” said Fraidenburgh. “The collection is in perfect harmony with Pallas’ sustainable, high-performance textiles. As each of the patterns weave through the loom, they reveal their own song or rhythm. Best of all, the collection conserves more natural resources because it’s made from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials.”

High Fidelity includes 45 SKUs. Patterns include:

Tempo. With a spark of luster, this linear texture sets an upbeat pace. Comprised of 46 percent post-industrial recycled polyester and 54 percent bamboo viscose post-industrial recycled polyester, Tempo is made from the waste recovered from industrial processes. This small-scale geometric pattern combines the soft, luxurious hand and silky sheen of rapidly renewable bamboo, with the matte sheen of recycled polyester in an affordable textile. Colors include Sugar Cane, Wild Honey, Creamsicle, Mars Red, Mod Green, Cosmic Blue, Blue Horizon, Bittersweet, Xanadu, Marble Grey and Vinyl.

Perfect Pitch. Made from 100 percent recycled polyester, this versatile wave design gets its modern rhythm from a balance of color and pattern. Perfect Pitch features vibrant volume and graphics, taking its cues from sound waves and the production of music. It is available in nine colors, including Moonlight, Tiger Lilly, Chili Pepper, Bein’ Green, Tea for Two, Star Dust Blue, Brown Sugar, London Fog and Mercury Grey.

Reel to Reel. Music aficionados will immediately recognize the graphic loops of this design as a reel-to-reel recorder. The conjoined circles play on a shadowed background, giving the illusion of rotation. Bouclé yarns create complex textures, encompassing the ribbed detailing of the reels. It is available in nine colors, including Candlelight, Orange Crush, Red Hot, Limelight, Dreamland Blue, Coffee House, Phantom Grey, Twilight Grey and Black Eclipse.

Melody Maker. This pattern uses bouclé yarns to create a solid with dimension and texture. Inventive use of high-luster bamboo offers highlights and shadows against a matte textured field. Melody Maker harmonizes perfectly with the other patterns in the High Fidelity Collection. It’s available in 17 colors, including Shining Star, Champagne, Golden Years, October, Strawberry, Wild Flower, Satellite Green, Liquid Sky, Deep Ocean, Blue Jean, Tapestry Blue, Soda Pop, Dark Roast, Zeppelin, Silver Morning, Rumour Grey and Jet Black.

“High Fidelity balances environmental responsibility and aesthetics in a budget conscious market,” said David White, vice president and general manager, Pallas Textiles. “Now we’re able to deliver sophisticated, high performance, and environmentally responsible fabrics at a reasonable price. On the loom, each of the patterns plays to a different rhythm and inspires its own unique song. Our customers will love the High Fidelity jam session.”

Each pattern in the High Fidelity Collection is treated with Nano-Tex®—an enhancement process that resists spills. Plus, each pattern can withstand the rigors of both work and play environments. Reel to Reel and Perfect Pitch have a 50,000 double rub Wyzenbeek rating. Melody Maker withstands 100,000 double rubs, while Tempo touts a 65,000 double rub Wyzenbeek rating.

About Pallas Textiles
For more than 20 years, Pallas Textiles has collaborated with some of the best-known textile designers to create an impressive portfolio of award-winning collections. Named for Pallas Athena, Greek Goddess of Weaving, Pallas Textiles offers sophisticated, elegant products that are smart, balancing high performance characteristics and environmental responsibilities. Collections include textiles for contract upholstery and panel systems, wall-coverings, textiles for healthcare environments and casements. Pallas Collections are designed to harmonize with the total interior environment and its furnishings. For more information, visit


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